Tourism – Flourishing Industry Of Andamans

Andamans and Nicobar Islands have always been a major tourist hub of India. Its exotic beaches and its pristine islands are what draw tourists from far and wide. This archipelago also offers options for various adventure sports like sea-walking and snorkeling. It has a lot of offer in terms of flora and fauna. Andamans offer great view of the Bay of Bengal and it is something that everybody will enjoy. And of course, the sun rise and the sun set are also worth seeing. Last but definitely not the least, is the coral reefs that any nature lover will fall in love with.

The Indian Government receives heavy revenue from the tourism department of the Andamans. Though there are other industries like agriculture, fishing, handicrafts etc. tourism is the most booming industry of Andamans due to its great location. Industries like handicrafts also depend on tourism to a great extent, though few portions are exported as well.

The tourism industry in Andamans is reaching to a new level, thanks to the ever growing tourists who are visiting this place. There are various tourist spots and each are so unique that people from all across the world visit this place at least once in a life time to experience it. All the tourist spots are located in tranquil islands and most people visit these in order to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily life and spend some quality relaxing time with their families. The charm and grandeur is such, that it attracts people of all ages. The government of India offers various conducted tours and travel packages and there are others available locally as well.

Since there are not many luxurious holiday resorts in these islands, opening one will be really lucrative. Many foreigners and Indians visit these islands all the through the year and they would really love to spend some time in some elegant holiday home that provides excellent services.