Land History and Land Transfer

During World War II, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were evacuated by the British and abandoned due to the advancing Japanese forces. These islands were ruled by the Japanese for four years till 1945 during which the Japanese undertook huge fortifications and changed the very appearance of the Andaman. They installed radars, defence walls, underground ammunition dumps, pill boxes and many such things, out of which some can still be seen. In fact, many people from across the world visit these islands to see these as well.

On the dawn of 7th October 1945, Port Blair was surrounded by the Allied Forces and the Japanese were forced to surrender on 9th October 1945. Eventually, with the independence of India, these islands were merged with the Indian Territory and are amongst the union territories of India.

The concerned land was gifted to Lt. Fakir Chand Sarkar who was a freedom fighter and fought for the country’s independence against the British. After his death, it naturally got transferred to his son named Lt. Hiralal Sarkar during the 1960s. Few years after independence, new land transfer acts were amended and maps were also issued by the Indian government to make land transfers easy in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. After the death of Hiralal Sarkar, the land got divided amongst all is natural heirs who at present want to sell it off.