An effective plan for the proper utilization of the land


An effective plan

The most lucrative usage of the land would be making a luxurious holiday resort. Most people who visit Andaman’s and Nicobar Islands prefer staying in a place that is minute away from the beach. This piece of land being only few meters away from the beach is ideal for such an investment option. People can access to the beach easily and whenever they want not having to worry about the time and conveyance. And during high tides, they can sit under the umbrellas and relax on their beach chairs inside the hotel premises and enjoy the sea the same time. The presence of the lake in between gives you the ideal opportunity for making a swimming pool where tourists can relax and enjoy swimming if they do not feel like hitting the beach. There is immense land for making numerous cottages on both sides of the pool and this would guarantee privacy as well.

These cottages can also be used as vacation homes or vacation rentals. The term vacation home is not very popular in the Indian states except Goa. Foreigners prefer staying in vacation homes that offer numerous amenities rather than resorts and hotel rooms.