Advantages of Owning this Land

This piece of land is perfect for a person who is planning to make a luxurious holiday resort in this archipelago. As mentioned above, this land is located only a few minutes away from the pristine beaches of the Andaman. The resort will offer great view of the coast that most people prefer when they visit some beach, no matter in which country they are. Also, they will be able to visit the beach at time of the day or just sit in their balcony and enjoy the cool sea breezes. They would be able to enjoy the sun rise and sun set in the best possible way.

The location is also very convenient and most tourists prefer that as that allows them to visit all the major tourist spots easily without having to worry about the transport. As the land is very near to the airport, the chances of tourists staying in your resort are also high as compared to the ones that are located away. Last and not least, is of course, the golf course. There are no as such golf destinations in India. And by making your holiday resort here, not only you will have foreign tourists but Indian clients as well, as generally golf holiday packages are very expensive and cannot be afforded by an average person.

In short, this land has everything that is needed to make the perfect holiday resort that offers all the luxurious amenities.