Attractive investment opportunity in the Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar is a beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. It consists of about 325 islands and is considered amongst the most beautiful tourist spots in India. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are visited not only by Indian tourists but also foreigners especially from the western countries of the world.

Andaman is a land of pristine beaches and this is what attracts tourists from far and wide. There are also many other attractions as these islands are quite old and houses the rich culture and heritage of many Indian Rulers. There are also stories about the Indian struggle of independence inside many historical monuments and structures. There are beautiful hills and mountains that offer the picturesque view of the coast along with the beautiful natural surroundings. Mount Harriet in Port Blair is the perfect spot to enjoy sunrises. Located on the sides of the Ross Island, this hill is 1200 feet in height. This height enables tourists to enjoy the magnificent view of both the Ross Island and the Havelock Islands along with Port Blair. Mount Harriet remains a busy tourist spot all through the year. The Andaman is home to various rare species of flora and fauna, the salt water crocodile being one of them. There is the mini zoo that attracts foreigners and there is also the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park where you can witness the beautiful coral reef of the Andaman along with some exotic marine lives. Then there is of course, the 80 acre agricultural farmland called Sippighat where you can see expert growing various spices ranging from nutmeg to cloves. Collinpur which is just about 35km from Port Blair is the perfect spot to enjoy sun basking and swimming. Andaman in short, is a paradise offering tourists everything from beautiful forests and lakes to varieties of flora and fauna that we generally do not get to see in other parts of the world. The indigenous handicraft industries of these islands are also very famous. Thus, we see some of the most attractive tourist spots are located in the vicinity of Port Blair and that what makes Port Blair a very lucrative investment spot.

Most people are on the lookout for a land for real estate development in the Andaman and they prefer a land near or at Port Blair due to the fact that all tourists’ spots are located near the capital city. If you are looking for investment opportunities in the Andaman, you are at the right place. This 27000 square metres land is perfect for holiday resorts. Located along the coast of Bay of Bengal, you will surely be able to offer your guests that, which only a few hotels can. The location of the land is such that you will only 5.5km from the Port Blair International Airport. The calm and serene beaches are another thing that would attract people to this location. One can provide private access to his or her customers to the beautiful beaches. Surrounded by hills on side and the sea on the other, anybody will fall in love with the location of this land. With the golf course very near, you can also provide Golf holiday packages to your clients from different countries of the world. The owner of this land has all the required legal documents and the land is registered under the Government of India Land Record which is absolutely authentic.